Silver Nitrate

Silver Nitrate
Silver Nitrate
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Bob Surash - Analytical Quality and Technical Manager
Silver Nitrate

RSW produces some of the highest quality silver nitrate available in industrial volumes. Learn more here about how RSW silver nitrate can improve your processes.

RSW produces high quality silver nitrate in commercial volumes (up to 4M kg annually). RSW silver nitrate is a key raw material to commercial products including traditional photographic films, medical products, solar panels, electrical contacts, anti-microbial, and mirrors.

The RSW process starts with high quality silver metal (>99.99%) and tower grade nitric acid, purified to produce the highest quality and most consistent commercially available silver nitrate. The process is highly automated and was designed to meet the high specifications of traditional photographic products (greater than ACS and UPS grades). The consistency of the material eliminates corrections and adjustments often necessary based on lot-to-lot variability in other processes. RSW silver nitrate also removes variables from many processes and enhances the quality of any final product.

RSW Silver Nitrate is available in solid or liquid with a variety of packaging options.

Silver Nitrate Physical Properties


Free flowing. >99% white oblong pellet shaped 1% silver nitrate crystals/fines

Apparent Density 1.9-1.95 g/cm3
Particle Size; 1-2 cm

Silver Nitrate Chemical Composition

Parameter Specification Typical Values
% Assay (w/w) >99.8 >99.8
% Moisture (w/w) <0.1 0.005-0.05
Free Acid (meq H+/kg AgNO3) 0.26-2.57 1-1.4
pH 3.6-4.6 3.8-4.0
% Insolubles (w/w) <0.02 0.005-0.01
Nitrites <2 0
Maximum ppm Typical Values of Silver Nitrate
Chromium 0.2 <0.008-0.02
Copper 0.1 <0.007
Iron 0.4 <0.05-0.2
Mercury 0.007 <0.003
Nickel 0.2 0.01-0.02
Lead 0.2 <0.027
Sulfur 8.3 <1
Selenium 0.1 <0.022
Zinc 0.1 <0.008