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Eileen Cear - Eastern US Regional Sales Manager
Chuck Hirbour - Western US Regional Sales Manager
Greg Munier - Process Engineer and Business Development
Film Recycling

RSW specializes in the recycle of silver coated PET plastic, such as photographic films and medical/Industrial  x-rays.  As the former Silver Recovery Department of Eastman Kodak Company, we have a specialized, highly developed washing process for removing silver and other coated materials, resulting in a plastic base that can be reused in making plastic products for a variety of accredited applications. 

The silver value from these materials is retained through the process and refined to pure, reusable silver. Providers of scrap material receive reclaimed value from their collections, while the environment is protected from the loss of these precious and hazardous materials to landfills or atmosphere through burning.

Types of Materials Accepted

  • Medical and dental x-rays – Lithographic & Industrial
  • Photographic/Microfilm/Microfiche – Motion move/cinema films
  • Polyester and acetate based – Post manufacturing & post consumer

We accept lots from single gaylords to full truckloads
Sorting services are available in-house for medical records (NAID member)
Coordinate shipping arrangements across North America as needed


  • Medical x-rays (analog) 0.05 – 0.15 tz/lb
  • Medical x-rays (thermal/Dryview) 0.04 – 0.095 tz/lb
  • Lithographic Films 0.06 – 0.23 tz/lb
  • Industrial Films 0.25 – 0.45 tz/lb
  • Mixed x-rays (analog & Dryview) 0.04 - 0.12 tz/lb

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Note: most loads are mixed


Our pricing structure for recycling service is volume dependent.  While typically premium compared to others, our increased silver returns result in an overall cash benefit to our suppliers.  Our price structure includes:

  • Wash Fee
  • Refining Fee
  • Accountability,
  • Credit for plastic value – PET

Note: Credit may vary depending on type of material

Financial Options

  • Special hedging and other financial options are available to larger volume customers 
  • Hedge protection via advance payments and price locks (where qualified)
  • Silver pooling (hold beyond 30 days, select date for price lock and cash-out)
  • Payments via metal transfer (between bank accounts), bullion or equivalent silver nitrate

Recycled PET

  • Chopped flake (approximately ¾”)
  • Clear or blue color (can be comingled or separated)
  • Typically less than 50 ppm silver remaining (best quality in market)
  • Uses: resins for containers, commercial plastics, molded parts, carpets & other fibers
  • Sold based on market pricing
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Bob Surash - Analytical Quality and Technical Manager

RSW has one of the largest smelting operations in North America. At nine feet in diameter our smelter can generate nearly 350,000 tz of silver in a single process. RSW purifies the silver output from its recycling operation by processing up to one million gallons of silver rich water per day through our water treating facility.

This material, along with silver from other manufacturing operations, including photoprocessors, jewelry manufacturers and other silver processors, is refined to silver that is greater than 99.99% pure (quality available from only the highest quality silver mines in the world). RSW’s facilities can process over 15 million tz annually.

  • As a customer, you have the choice between taking your returns in cash, pool or as pure metal, giving you flexibility.
  • RSW also accepts silver/gold mixed streams.    

RSW accepts a wide variety of silver-bearing materials for refining, recovery, and recycling. If your category is not listed, please feel free to contact us regarding your material. If we cannot process your material we will recommend one of our preferred partners to assist you.

  • Silver flake/sludge/mud
  • Photographic solids, sludges and other scrap
  • Sterling silver or other jewelry and coin
  • Photographic cartridges/filters
  • Dore or unfinished silve
  • Silver crystals
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Bob Surash - Analytical Quality and Technical Manager
Lab / Assay

RSW's laboratory capabilities includes modern analytical equipment with a professionally trained staff. Analysis is performed by Corrected Fire Assay, and supported by ICP and other current technologies. The lab staff is fully trained and possess undergraduate through graduate level technical degrees. Our services help clients determine the value of materials they purchase in advance or at spot.